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my3cats Joke Marathon

We all know some great cat jokes.  After all, cats have some funky, hilarious behaviors – isn’t that why we’re so crazy about them?

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Hey Kitty, What’s Your Sign?

Whether or not you give any credit to zodiac signs, this fun infographic about cat astrology is bound to make you smile. Look for your kitty’s sign; does that description sound anything like him?  Even if you don’t know your cat’s exact birth date or month, compare her description to the sign, and you may just have discovered the right match!

cat astrology

Why Do Cats Purr?

Did you ever wonder about all of the reasons cats purr? I have oftentimes pressed my ear against my cat’s warm, furry body to hear the deep, resonating sound of her purr. It’s one of the most soothing sounds I have ever heard.

In our household cats, purring is most noticeable when a cat is nursing her kittens or when humans provide social contact by petting, stroking or feeding.

Although we assume that a cat’s purr is an expression of happiness and contentment, it can also occur while a cat is under duress, such as an unwanted vet visit or while recovering from injury.

So, beyond the contented purring your cat emits, depending on the circumstances, it can also mean your cat is communicating stress or pain.

Scientists have found that cats’ purring is produced through intermittent signaling of the muscles of the larynix and diaphragm.. Apparently, cats purr during both inhalation and exhalation with a consistent pattern and frequency. It has been thought that sound frequencies in the cat’s frequency range can improve bone density and promote healing.

I know of no other animal that purrs. Aren’t cats unique and wonderful!