Announcing the Winner of’s Best Thing About My Cat Contest!

We’re excited to share with you the winning entry of the’s Best Thing About My Cat Contest!  The winner was chosen by random drawing.

Lisa Westenbarger, our winner, submitted the following entry (and photo). Congrats Lisa!  You’ve won a $50 shopping spree at!

Cat bliss!!!

My favorite thing about my cat(S) is the purring. It is among the best sounds in the world!

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One thought on “Announcing the Winner of’s Best Thing About My Cat Contest!”

  1. My orange kitty needed a name ::
    As he sat on my lap, I talked to him.
    OJ for orange juice? NO! OJ Simpson was not a too distant memory.
    Purr-Monster-Stroda? NOOOOO! That would make his initials PMS.. Been there, done that ;)
    Friendly Red Cat aka Fred? He raised his paws and meowed at me! That’s it! Fred is his name, he chose it! ;)

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