Reward Your Cat and Help a Homeless Cat

Reward your Cat and Give a Homeless Cat a Chance at! and The Studio of Bernadette Kazmarski have partnered to offer you, our cherished customers and cat lovers, a special event designed to reward you and your cat(s) AND save the lives of homeless cats. Now through May 1, 2010, you will have a one time opportunity to do either (or both) of the following:

#1 Place your bid in an on line auction for a strikingly vibrant and beautiful print of an original portrait “Peaches and Peonies” created by renowned animal artist and publisher Bernadette Kazmarski. Click here to view “Peaches and Peonies” and to register for the auction.

Proceeds from the winning bid will be donated to FosterCat, Inc., a 501 C3 all-volunteer non-profit organization founded in 1999, providing temporary foster homes for cats and kittens until they can be placed for adoption. 2010 marks FosterCat Inc.’s 11th year as they approach their 1,000th cat adoption. Read more about FosterCat, Inc. here.

#2 Place your order now at For each and every order received through this email promotion now through May 1, 2010, MyThreeCats & Co., Inc. will donate $5.00 to FosterCat, Inc. Once we’ve received your order, you’ll receive an email confirmation of the donation. (Note: Donations from My Three Cats & Co., Inc. for this event will only be generated by receipt of product orders. No minimum is necessary).

Wouldn’t you like to know that you’ve saved lives, while doing your favorite thing – shopping for your favorite feline at, or winning a beautiful cat print! This is a time limited event, expiring May 1, 2010, so we encourage you to act now.

Happy Shopping and Bidding!



Kritter Kommunity Interview with My Three Cats!

I recently did an interview with Kritters that Twitter, a series brought to you by the folks at Kritter Kommunity.  Check it out!

Interview with My3Cats, December 15th, 2009

Hosted by:  Madi, The Cat

MADI: Hello, and thanks for meeting me at the Kritter Koffeehouse.  I am very excited to be speaking with you today and greatly appreciate your time.  Before we get started, I just want to point out that just like everything associated with the Kritter Kommunity, Kritters That Twitter is specifically designed for Animals and Animal Lovers.   The Kritter Koffeehouse is open daily and serves beverages and snacks for both Animals and Hoomans.  That being said, I see you are an Animal…..could I offer you a bowl of milk or water?  Some Catnip before we get started?

MY3CATS:   Thanks, Mr. Madi.    My name is Bogey, I’m the official spokes-purrson of   I’m so glad to be here!   I already have a lot of fresh catnip, but thanks for the offer.

MADI: Lets jump in and get started; we are eager to learn more about you!  Firstly, what exactly is My3Cats?

MY3CATS: is an internet based retailer of quality, innovative cat accessories and products for cats like me, and also unique gifts and accessories for cat lovers.  Can you believe we carry some great cat furniture called Cat Clouds where cats can exercise and literally “catapult” through the air?    We’re especially proud of our wide selection of cat furniture; cat toys; scratching and behavior products; beds;collars; litter boxes and many other great iteMr.  We’re really getting into “green” as well.  Mom is trying to select green products for the well being of our cat customers and for the environment, like our Eco-friendly cat furniture and cat beds.

My Mom’s name is Carolyn.   She’s a co-owner of and has been in business for 11 years.    We started out as a retail shop based in Pittsburgh, PA called My Three Cats & Co., Inc.   I started the very first day at the shop with Mom, where I became very popular.     A few years later, I decided to continue my role as Spokes-purrson at   I get a lot of fan mail.    For more information, go to Ask Bogey or About Us on our website.

MADI: How did you come up with the name My3Cats?  Do you have pets?

MY3Cats:   Over the years, many cats have proudly owned my Mom, but she now has 3 cats, and I’m one of them.    She created the name My Three Cats since there are many multiple cat households today and they can easily identify with our name.  She always liked the name of the vintage TV program, My Three Sons, so that’s how we became!

MADI: Tell us about how you currently use social media…. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs

MY3Cats:  Well, Mr. Madi, we use all three, including our very own Youtube site where we have lots of favorite cat videos posted.  You should really check out our blog, BogeysBlogSphere.

Our customers can also access the blog through our home page at    We have some of the best quality cat stories and educational articles on cat care on the internet.  Great cartoons and videos, too.  If you like to participate in polls, check out our poll page.   Sometimes, we have fun contests, like our recent cat photo contest in October.  Readers should book mark us to see what’s new!

We’re also on Facebook, under Carolyn Luna, and on Twitter under Bogeythecat, where we post some really interesting cat stuff and have made many friends around the world.  Finally, you can see our cool rotating ads on on the product and breed pages of that site.  You can find us and our great products at

MADI: My sister Abi and I see you on Facebook regularly.  What do you like most about Facebook and how do you find it valuable?

MY 3 CATS:  We like chatting with the many, many cat lovers from all over the world, and love to explore their pages as well.  It’s just a great community of people with a common interest, we all love cats!  I especially enjoy seeing the cat pictures they share.  We’re always interested in hearing from our readers about how they like our products and any cool new products they want to share.

MADI: We at Kritters That Twitter want to make sure we offer solutions and add value to the lives of Animals and Animal Lovers through our blog.   This interview was extremely helpful in providing animals a fun place to shop for specialty items.

MY3CATS:  Mom and I are thrilled to be interviewed by you, Mr. Madi.  We really like Kwitters that Twitter and will be sure to tell our cat loving customers about you!!!

MADI: Wow, this was such useful information, and most importantly it has been a pleasure kicking back and getting to know you better.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to chat with me and other Kwitters!!!

Cat Cake Extraordinaire!

cat_cake The owner of Bogey’s BlogSphere has a daughter who devoted many hours to creating the most beautiful and original birthday cake for her mother.   The photos you will now see by clicking this link take you step-by-step through the process.   This truly was a labor of love.  Thank you, Nicole – you are the best daughter a mother could hope for.

The Daily Cat: Fun 4 Hoomans of Kittehz

g-in-box: -? …then you’ve never visited “LOLcats” or “Stuff on My Cat”! Now that we can all take digital photos of our cats, what do we do with them? : -o Upload them to the internet where everyone can see! : -) And that’s not enough because we also have to add goofy captions, and then we spend a couple of hours browsing others’ creative output and laughing until our faces hurt, and our kitties either give us worried looks or leave the room in disgust. : -P Take a browse at or where you can upload your photos and add a little caption, or leave it to others to caption—visit their “about us” or “faq” page to find out how to upload and caption. : -/ The two sites originated with dedicated cat people uploading their own silly photos with captions for friends to see, and that grew into interactive websites, way, way back in internet history. : -/ “LOLcats” in netspeak is “laughing out loud cats”; both sites have their own version of slang in addition to internet slang for captioning and blog comments. So CTO and soon you’ll be LOL, even ROTFLOL, but never experience a SOHF. ThxBi ; -)