How To Keep Your Cat Happy While You’re Away

With summer coming to a close, maybe you’ve been thinking about taking one last mini vacation while the weather is still nice. Whether it’s a day-trip or a weekend get-away, one thing is certain: you have to keep your cat happy while you’re away! At, we have plenty of options to keep your cat safe, comfortable and entertained.

The key is to focus on your cat’s main needs while you’re gone: plenty of fresh food and water, a comfortable environment, and fun!

Summer afternoons can be hot and boring, and few things could be worse for your cat than if they aren’t drinking enough water. Cats need to be sufficiently hydrated, so making sure your cat has plenty of fresh, aerated water is crucial. Because many cats prefer constantly running water, offers products that allow your cat to drink fresh water with very little maintenance involved. The Drinkwell® Pet Fountain satisfies your cat’s need for running water in a quiet environment, and the Drinkwell 360 edition is perfect for households with multiple pets who need access to the water bowl.

After making sure that your cat has enough water, it’s important that they’re comfortable. Studies suggest that arthritic cats experience less stiffness when they sleep on wool pads, and our WOOLIES brand cat beds and Igloos are perfect for your cat’s napping habits. Our Nature Nap Ovals also provide perfect locations for your cat to lay and dream about your return home.

Cat trees, condos and perches are ideal to have in your home while you’re away, especially if they’re positioned near your feline’s favorite window. He’ll pass the time away observing the wildlife and other outdoor activities, get ample exercise and have a special place to cat nap. A sturdy, high quality cat tree with sisal or natural wood posts will also provide your cat with a great scratching place, instead of that upholstered living room couch! has nothing but the best quality cat trees.

Finally, once your cat is well hydrated and comfortable, it’s important for them to have plenty of fun and stimulation! When my parents go on vacation, I lose my two best playmates. Though it’s impossible to replace them, cat toys from help fill the void. Our Mini Minnows and Pet Candy® Catnip toys are great options to have for your cats to play with in your absence – I play with them for hours!

There are also some great Cat Sitter DVD’s that can be played for hours, since they run on a continuous loop (we don’t recommend leaving the DVD on for more than a couple of hours, to assure safety using your DVD player). We have too many cat toys to list here, but check out to read about all our fun products.

So take your vacation – you deserve it. But make sure you can leave your house with the peace of mind that your cat is living it up too!


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