Office Cats – a Growing Trend


Whether you decide to pack up your cats and take them to work, or they invite themselves (permanently) into your home office, office cats are a popular and growing trend.

Here are a few reasons why it makes purr-fect sense to have an office cat:

  1. They assimilate well into the disorganization on your desk! Fresnel(3)

2.   They remind you that your briefcase is for them, not for your papers!


3.   They will either answer your phone, or, walk all over it, disconnecting you!  (CatBlogger:  cat-provoked hang ups actually happened to me, how many times has that happened to you?)

Soft edges on this humorous concept


4. They’ll write you reminders to (1) feed them, (2) play with them, (3) clean out the litter box and (4) anything else that comes to their (non) altruistic little minds.

Funny business concept - cat, pen and blank open notepad

5.  If they could they would google all of the cat toys on the internet. and order 6 of each!

The cat pulls a paw to the laptop screen

6.  They remind you to take time for a power nap.


7.  Before you know, it, your cat will totally take over your office.  Make sure you train him on how to answer the phone and write memos.


(CatBlogger Note:  Bogey, our long time shop and office cat, pictured above.  He DID take over my office and my life for 12 unforgettable, awesome years).


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