Monopoly Game Adds Cat Token

According to our friends at,   ( )  after international vote, cats have emerged as winners. That’s because  Hasbro has announced that a cat will become the newest token in the game of Monopoly.
The company ran a competition on Facebook called “Save Your Token” to elect which tokens the wanted to keep. Visitors then chose between a robot, a helicopter, a guitar, a diamond ring and one shiny little cat.

The iron lost out. The wheelbarrow was a close second. The original 1935 remaining tokens include the car, the thimble, the boot, the battleship and the hat. Scottie dog and the wheelbarrow were introduced in 1952.

The new token options came with back stories. The cat is Scottie the dog’s arch rival. This could make for some interesting matches that will surely last for hours and maybe days into family vacations across the country.

On Feb. 15, a limited edition of the game will debut with all old and new tokens included.



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