I Want to Celebrate Cats!

I have loved cats since infancy.  Or so my Mom used to say.  My first cat was a jet black, sleek looking cat named Ebony.  There’s a faded picture of my Mom lowering Ebony into the cradle to take a better look at me.  I don’t know if Ebony was that impressed, but I’m sure that I was!

Since then, after years of living with Ebonys, Taffys, Lilys, Bogeys and Chesters, with countless moments of joy and of sadness (at their eventual loss), I am still crazy about cats.  I was crazy about cats long before the internet’s love affair with them.  In fact, I even opened a cat shop in 1998 and appointed a newly adopted tuxedo boy named Bogey as our official shop cat. (now, you can shop at my website, MyThreeCats.com)

My heart has expanded with each cat experience.  So much so, that I couldn’t help sharing the passion.  Today, I serve on the Board at FosterCat, Inc., a Pittsburgh based network of foster homes and volunteers who rescue and save cats’ lives every day.

Cats are so tuned into us that they know when we are energetic, happy, stressed, sick, exhausted or grieving.  How many of you have experienced the comforting feeling of a cat tending to you while you lay in bed, sick or hurting?  It’s pretty special, whether they decide to catnap beside you, or tap your face with their little paw to say, OK, I’m here.  (Of course, LOL, they also use techniques to wake you up.)

The daily care giving time I have invested in my cats has been rewarded many times over with their unconditional companionship and affection.  Only those who have owned cats (or should I say, have experienced being owned by them) will understand this.

Anatole France made this observation:  “Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remained unawakened.”  I wholeheartedly agree.








Announcing MyThreeCats.com’s 2018 Favfurrite Holiday Cat Photo Winners!

First Place Winner!
Second Place Winner!








Third Place Winner!

Dear Friends and Contestants,  our sincere thanks to all of you who entered this year’s Holiday Cat Photo contest.  The contest has officially ended! Our judges had a real challenge on their paws picking the top three photos!  There were so many amazing, creative holiday cat photos submitted this year!  Nevertheless, our panel of judges has chosen the winners, they are:

WIN (1st Prize): Custom Cat Pillow, compliments of Narrative Decor: E. Hunt, Will the Real Cat Stand Up!

PLACE (2nd Prize):  $20 MyThreeCats.com Gift Certificate:  J. Crouch, Poinsetta Cat!

SHOW (3rd Prize):  $10 MyThreeCats.com Gift Certificate:  C. Jones, Reindeer Cat!

Also see these fabulous felines featured on our Facebook  Instagram , and Twitter pages today.  May you and your loved ones, both furry and otherwise, have a meowvelous holiday season!



Enter our MyThreeCats.com Favfurrite Holiday Cat Photo Contest!

We know you have that one amazing holiday cat photo that your friends think will go viral if you post it!

Share that “pawsome” photo with us and become eligible to win one of the following prizes:
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Third prize: $10 gift certificate to MyThreeCats.com
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Bring out your indoor cat’s inner kitten with these easy ideas



Cats are intelligent, active creatures that need daily stimulation just like we do.

Help your cats to tackle boredom and keep undesirable behaviors to a minimum. Constant meowing, scratching furniture, and urinating outside the litter box are all behaviors that can be avoided with some simple solutions that will keep your feline companions entertained throughout the day.

  • Put a well constructed multiple tiered cat tree next to your window that has a scratching surface such as sisal.  They’ll happily gaze at birds, passing cars, and pedestrians. This is a simple activity that will occupy your cat for hours all year round.
  • Turn on pleasant, easy going music or play a CD of nature sounds to soothe and comfort your pet when no one is home.  Buy a cat sitter DVD with a continuous loop to entertain them.
  • Satisfy your cat’s need to climb by creating safe pathways to the tops of bookshelves and other high places.  If you have empty wall space, consider perch wall units that will accomplish this.
  • Indulge the natural hunting instincts in your cat by hiding treats or dry kibble in your home. Use a kitty diner that will provide your cats with a stimulating activity. The challenging activity appeals to the natural love of hunting and will stimulate them mentally and physically.  Change the locations frequently to keep things interesting.
  • Give your cat new toys to sniff, play with, and explore. These might be anything from catnip toys, puzzle toys, teaser toys and tunnels.  These are wise investments that will go a long way towards keeping your cat healthy and happy.
  • Teach your cats to walk on a leash or provide a secure cat enclosure for the yard. This will enable your kitties to enjoy some of the perks of being outdoors without any of the risks associated with them roaming free outdoors.
  • Treat your cat to quality one-on-one playtime and cuddle time as often as possible.

Your cats have a distinct personality just like you do, so why not try as many of these entertainment ideas as possible and stick to the ones they like best!



We Have a Winner of the Meow-lo-ween Guess How Many Cat Toys Contest!

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered our Meow-o-ween Guess How Many Cat Toys Contest!  (Be on the lookout for a special thank you offer email).

I guess no black cats crossed Donna M’s path this week, as she just won our contest.  Congrats Donna!!!  Donna guessed magic number 29 and that is exactly how many catnip toys are in the Meow-lo-ween jar.   Enjoy your $50 shopping spree at MyThreeCats.com!

She apparently didn’t cross our winner’s path! ;)