PA Rep. White Proposes Tax Credit for Adoption of Shelter Cats and Dogs

I need a forever home.

A PA State Representative, Jesse White, has introduced legislation that would provide a $300 tax credit to those adopting cats and dogs from PA animal shelters.

What motivated this proposal is the increased numbers of abandoned cats and dogs who find themselves homeless due to various factors such as the economic downturn and recent catastrophic flooding in the State.

Those supporting the bill believe that this would give people the incentive to choose their pet from local shelters, who have been experiencing fewer donations and grants.    More shelter adoptions would mean fewer euthanizations due to overcrowded shelters.

The proposed credit would be per taxable year until 12/31/2013 and would apply to adoptions from a pound, shelter, society, or other protective or rescue association for the prevention of cruelty to animals.


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2 thoughts on “PA Rep. White Proposes Tax Credit for Adoption of Shelter Cats and Dogs”

  1. Thanks for the mention of HB 1765. For more info, sure to check me out on Facebook ( or follow my dogs Abigail and Delano (!

  2. Hi! H.B. 1765 is a great idea! Thanx Rep. White! I’m a cat and I know that many cats & dogs are in shelters and need homes! The economy and weather catastrophies have caused pets to be relinquished and many are put to sleep in shelters where space is a premium. This bill will not only help many people who adopt, but also get people to “Adopt, not shop!” for pets! Bravo! Tuxi Twitter @Tuxicat10

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