Catdance Film Festival – Cat Lovers Unite!

Never has there been a more popular time for cats!  Increasing numbers of human devotees celebrate their many qualities:
(1) They are smart;
(2) They are beautiful;
(3) They align more with humans in their thought processes than most other animals;
(4) They are the subject of countless cat bloggers and cat themed websites;
(5) They make awesome subject matter for funny pictures and videos. (I Can Has Cheezburger, Stuff on My Cat, etc. etc etc!!!).

Now, cats have really made it!  They now boast their own film festival! If you are lucky enough to have your cat short win one of five top awards, well, click here to find out more….


First Internet Cat Video Film Festival

The first ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival will debut on August 30, 2012 at the site of the renowned Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Walker Art Center is famous for its contemporary art exhibits. Kate Czarniecki-Hill, the festival organizer and self professed cat person, says that cat videos are mostly viewed alone. The festival represents the first step in legitimizing cat videos as an art form.

You have until July 30, 2012 to nominate your chosen cat videos for inclusion in the festival. To nominate, use this form:

The entire Internet Cat Video Festival will only last one hour, since most cat video last less than a minute and that will give the audience plenty of time for feline fun.