What Makes Your Cat Happy?


In these gray, cold, winter months, we’re always looking for ways to lighten up our spirits.   We should also keep our cats’ well being in mind.  Cats are intelligent, athletic creatures, always looking for physically and mentally stimulating activities.  When cats don’t have these, their attention turns to activities of their own choosing that we tend to think of as “bad behaviors”.

Case in point:  Have you ever caught your cat chewing or scratching something like your favorite upholstered chair?  Bad behavior = BOREDOM! 

Here’s how you can make sure your cat has plenty of great things to do.

  • Provide a variety of ways for your cat to explore.   Cats love discovering new places and objects.  They love smaller, stimulating toys.  There are smaller toys you can lay around the house, such as catnip-infused toys, with feathers, strings, corrugated cardboard, suede and other safe, chewable and kickable parts.


Then there are the interactive toys, automated toys designed to be activated by your cats, using their own curiosity and intellect.  Some of these toys can be suspended on doors, such as the Fling-ama-String, Play N Squeak Batting Practice, or the Tiger Mobile toy.  Others lie flat on the floor, with balls and other moving parts, such as our Cat Hurricane, Peek N Prize, Cats Meow Undercover toy and Kitty Go Round toy. 

  • Provide your cats access to levels other than just the floor.  Cats love climbing to high places and feeling like they are “in charge” of their environment.  Having a higher vantage point for your cats to watch the great outdoors (safely) or observe indoor goings-on provides hours of entertainment.  Cat trees and cat window perches are great solutions. Place cat trees by windows for your cats’ optimal viewing pleasure.  SIDE BENEFIT:  Cat trees are made with scratch-able materials such as sisal.  They really do use these vertical scratching surfaces, and it helps to keep them from scratching that favorite upholstered chair. 


  • Provide hideaways for your cat.  Cats love discovering places to hide.  Think of times when you’ve had to search for your cat, only to find him under the bed, behind the furnace, or in other unfortunate places.  Invest in a cat condo that is designed especially to meet the privacy needs of your cats.  You’ll be able to find them as well!  


  • Play with your cat.  In your cat’s mind, it’s their favorite
    kind of play. During daily play sessions with you, your cat can enjoy a greater degree of intellectual stimulation and aerobic activity. In particular, consider activities that allow your cat to exercise her hunting instincts. Toys that resemble prey, such as mice and birds, are ideal. Wand toys offer a perfect way for you to lure your cat into “the thrill of the chase”.


We’ve also taught our cats some fun tricks, such as fetching toy balls.  The toy ball should be light weight and small, such as a Loopies toy or a tinsel mouse.    Reward your cats with their favorite treats to encourage repetition.

Now, go make your cat happy!




How to Upkeep a Guest-Friendly, Cat-Friendly Living Space for the Holidays

It is our hope at MyThreeCats.com that your holiday season brings many friends and family to your household or apartment. The holidays are best spent with company, and for our household, “company” means the cats too! Striking the right balance of décor for your guests and your cats means having the right products in your apartment so that it can be both cat-friendly and guest-friendly.

For instance, cat owners with cats that love to scratch the furniture are often embarrassed when guests see deep claw marks into their couches and chairs Our Sticky Paws™ for Furniture product place a transparent adhesive over areas that your cat loves to scratch so that your furniture retains its aesthetics and your cat is encouraged to redirect his scratching behavior to the right place – one of our great looking scratching posts or Scratch Lounges™.

If scratching isn’t your cat’s problem, then maybe you need our Nature’s Miracle product for stain removal. As a host, subjecting your guests to stains and odors is never on the party agenda. Nature’s Miracle uses natural enzymes to eliminate all cat-related stains and make sure that they won’t be attracted back to the site. Cats owners that not only deal with messes but with lots of hair will think the Pet Hair Pickup Mitt is the cat’s meow. Not only does it provide a wide surface area for hair pickup, but because it is made of sponge it is easy to clean.

If hiding the litter box is your problem, then perhaps you need the Beautiful Refined Feline™ Litterbox. This multi-purpose wood furniture piece can be matched to the décor of your apartment or household and function as an everyday piece of furniture. Through a side entrance, your cat can come-and-go into a concealed litter box within the wood panels. The litter can be replaced via a large sliding tray that is accessible when the cabinet doors are opened. It must be seen to be appreciated!

But enough hiding and cleaning – your guests will want to see that you love your cats, not that you want to hide them! Show off your cats on Cat Clouds™ Contemporary Shelves that hook into your wall and provide your cats with a lofted spot to view your gathering. Your cats will become a focal point of your holidays – and you won’t need to decorate the walls with expensive paintings! (Cats are also naturals at adding fung shui to your place!) Celebrate the holidays by letting your guests give your cats a Yeowww!™ Catnip Candy Cane and they’ll have a new friend in their lives. You can also show off your cat’s “WOOLIES” Cat Lambswool Bed to show how much you value your cat’s comfort.

The possibilities are endless, and MyThreeCats.com is ready and waiting to provide your household with the upgrades it needs. Your apartment and your household should highlight the love you have for your cats while paying respect to visitors who might not be used to a household with feline friends. With a cat- and guest-friendly apartment or household, your holiday season is bound to bring joy to every creature who cozies up inside.