While you’re away…will the cats play?

How to Keep Your Cat Happy While You’re Away

With summer coming to a close, maybe you’ve been thinking about taking one last mini vacation while the weather is still nice. Whether it’s a day-trip or a weekend get-away, one thing is certain: you have to keep your cat happy while you’re away! At www.MyThreeCats.com, we have plenty of options to keep your cat comfortable and entertained.

Summer afternoons can be hot and boring, and few things would be worse for your cat than if they aren’t drinking enough water. Cats can incur a number of diseases from not drinking enough water, so making sure your cat has suitable water is crucial. Because many cats prefer constantly running water, My Three Cats offers products that allow your cat to drink fresh water with very little maintenance involved. The Drinkwell® Pet Fountain satisfies your cat’s need for running water in a quiet environment, and the Drinkwell® 360 edition is perfect for households with multiple pets with up to five streams of fresh, running water.

Give your cat plenty of his own special scratching surfaces to use throughout the house, so that you don’t return home to a shredded couch! Our great variety of colorful Scratch N Play horizontal scratching pads provide perfect locations for your cat to not only scratch, but to lay and dream about your return home.

It’s important for your cat to beat the boredom! When we go on vacation, our cats fortunately have great cat sitters to provide the best of care, including plenty of play time. However, they’re not around all the time. Cat toys from www.MyThreeCats.com help fill the void and create a means for some good exercise. Our new Bootsie’s Bunkbed and Playroom and Tick Tock Teaser Toy are great options for your cat’s enjoyment while you’re gone. Check our Cat Toy product page to read about all of our fun products.

Finally, it may be time to treat your cat to a brand new cat tree or condo. We have a vast selection of cat furniture that your cat can scratch, climb, perch and nap in! Most models ship immediately. See our Cat Furniture page for more information.

Take your vacation – you deserve it. But make sure you can leave your house with the peace of mind that your cat is living it up too!