Cat Cake Extraordinaire!

cat_cake The owner of Bogey’s BlogSphere has a daughter who devoted many hours to creating the most beautiful and original birthday cake for her mother.   The photos you will now see by clicking this link take you step-by-step through the process.   This truly was a labor of love.  Thank you, Nicole – you are the best daughter a mother could hope for.


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3 thoughts on “Cat Cake Extraordinaire!”

  1. We did eat the cake, Bernadette…and when mom cut into it at her birthday party, her brother made a horrible MEEE-OWOWOW sound and cried, “Don’t eat me, don’t eat me!” Everyone cracked up. The cake looked so real that people were talking to it like they would a real cat. :)

  2. Let them eat cake”…WOW maybe not that one, what a work of art and love. So fitting for your Birthday. I loved the photos and Happy Birthday!!

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