Cats Can Make Owners Happier, Healthier and Gentler

33% of U.S. (cat-owning) households can’t be wrong!!!

Click the link below to USA Today and find out more….

 Cats can make owners happier, healthier and gentler –

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One thought on “Cats Can Make Owners Happier, Healthier and Gentler”

  1. Cats Rule!!!
    I am much more tranquil and laugh a lot more since I have my cat. She does do things that crack me up, like sleeping in my sneakers, hiding when she thinks I cannot see her because her TAIL is sticking out, LOL, sneaking under my blankets when she thinks I left the apartment, and when she plays hide and seek with me and that I swear too!!!!
    So much more my cat does for my emotional well being.
    I really would be lost without her, doesn’t matter my age, and I am up there, LOL, my cat makes me a MUSH!!

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