Is Your Cat Happy and Healthy?

Living with a pet is a huge happiness booster for the pet owner as well as having several health benefits, but how can you tell how your cat feels? Is your cat happy and healthy, too?

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your cat’s well-being. First, lay the groundwork when they are kittens by spending lots of time playing with them. When you spend time getting to know your kitten’s personality and preferences, you can be sure that you’re setting them up for a long, healthy and happy life.

Also, don’t skip important vet checkups and immunizations so they’ll grow into happy, loving cats.

Sometimes, like when you’ve adopted an older cat (which you should seriously consider!), you don’t have a say in what happens when to your cat as a kitten. Look for signs that your cat is expressing happiness and love, signs like purring or bringing you a ‘present’.  Sharing their prey with you is actually a true sign of affection!

Does it ever seem that your cat wants to be right on top of your hands or lap when you’re on your computer? This, too, is a way of expressing their love for you and their desire for your attention, even if it can be a pain in the neck for you.

Finally, why not use this checklist before visiting the vet to make sure your cat is getting the attentive care they deserve?

For more, please check out these 10 tips for a happy and healthy kitten. Make sure to check out these 6 ways your cat shows you that they are happy members of your family.

In what ways does your cat show you that she is happy and healthy?


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