Nova, Mystic and Zen’s Holiday Fun

Nova, Mystic and Zen spied their new Cat Clouds that “Mom” had just mounted perfectly spaced on the wall.  It didn’t take long for them to “cat”-apult up to the first perch, then position themselves comfortably on the second and third perches.  Looks like they’re now on Cloud Nine, enjoying the view.  A special thank you to their “Mom” Lorraine for sharing these fantastic pics. (Note:  You can find more information about Cat Clouds at    


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One thought on “Nova, Mystic and Zen’s Holiday Fun”

  1. Nova, Mystic and Zen are my mine………….. they LOVE their clouds…….Fun when they are hovering over my head nicely perched/sleeping or playing on their clouds. Gives them a nice, decorative way to fulfill their inmate needs to reign high and be safe….Lorraine

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