sCATvenger Hunt First Clue!!!

Here’s the first clue for Week #1 of’s SCATvenger Hunt!

“It’s motorized, interactive and attaches to a door.  This toy is fun, energetic and never a bore.”

To enter the sCATvenger Hunt, first read the rules of entry here.   GOOD LUCK!!!
sCATvenger Image


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3 thoughts on “sCATvenger Hunt First Clue!!!”

  1. I found the cat detective icon but when I click on it, I get an error message saying the link is broken. :-(

    1. Lynn,

      We’re sorry you’re getting an error message. We tried it on our desktops, our Ipads and our Iphones and it’s working on those devices. Can you tell us what page you found Purr-lock on and what is your email address? If we hear from you, we’ll sign you up as a contestant. Many thanks!

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