How to Upkeep a Guest-Friendly, Cat-Friendly Living Space for the Holidays

It is our hope at that your holiday season brings many friends and family to your household or apartment. The holidays are best spent with company, and for our household, “company” means the cats too! Striking the right balance of décor for your guests and your cats means having the right products in your apartment so that it can be both cat-friendly and guest-friendly.

For instance, cat owners with cats that love to scratch the furniture are often embarrassed when guests see deep claw marks into their couches and chairs Our Sticky Paws™ for Furniture product place a transparent adhesive over areas that your cat loves to scratch so that your furniture retains its aesthetics and your cat is encouraged to redirect his scratching behavior to the right place – one of our great looking scratching posts or Scratch Lounges™.

If scratching isn’t your cat’s problem, then maybe you need our Nature’s Miracle product for stain removal. As a host, subjecting your guests to stains and odors is never on the party agenda. Nature’s Miracle uses natural enzymes to eliminate all cat-related stains and make sure that they won’t be attracted back to the site. Cats owners that not only deal with messes but with lots of hair will think the Pet Hair Pickup Mitt is the cat’s meow. Not only does it provide a wide surface area for hair pickup, but because it is made of sponge it is easy to clean.

If hiding the litter box is your problem, then perhaps you need the Beautiful Refined Feline™ Litterbox. This multi-purpose wood furniture piece can be matched to the décor of your apartment or household and function as an everyday piece of furniture. Through a side entrance, your cat can come-and-go into a concealed litter box within the wood panels. The litter can be replaced via a large sliding tray that is accessible when the cabinet doors are opened. It must be seen to be appreciated!

But enough hiding and cleaning – your guests will want to see that you love your cats, not that you want to hide them! Show off your cats on Cat Clouds™ Contemporary Shelves that hook into your wall and provide your cats with a lofted spot to view your gathering. Your cats will become a focal point of your holidays – and you won’t need to decorate the walls with expensive paintings! (Cats are also naturals at adding fung shui to your place!) Celebrate the holidays by letting your guests give your cats a Yeowww!™ Catnip Candy Cane and they’ll have a new friend in their lives. You can also show off your cat’s “WOOLIES” Cat Lambswool Bed to show how much you value your cat’s comfort.

The possibilities are endless, and is ready and waiting to provide your household with the upgrades it needs. Your apartment and your household should highlight the love you have for your cats while paying respect to visitors who might not be used to a household with feline friends. With a cat- and guest-friendly apartment or household, your holiday season is bound to bring joy to every creature who cozies up inside.

Make Sure Your Cat Knows About Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Mimi, Supermom, but now a happy housecat.
Mimi, Supermom, but now a happy housecat.

Feline breast cancer is the third most common cancer among cats after lymphoma and skin cancer. In a 2005 study done at the University of Pennsylvania, “cats spayed prior to 6 months had a 91% reduction…those spayed prior to one year had an 86% reduction in the risk of mammary carcinoma development compared with intact cats.” While breast cancer in cats is more common than in humans, it is far less common than it is in dogs, but cats have the highest malignancy rate and the lowest survival rate of all three. That myth that “it’s good to let a cat have a litter of kittens” has no basis in fact, and can be a death sentence since spaying your cat before she even goes into heat the first time is the best way to avoid breast cancer, not to mention reducing the risks of injury and disease a cat faces while out carousing…not to mention a cat in heat is really annoying to have around. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, spay your little girl!

Cats Do Get “Spring Fever”…

Kelly and the sparrow converse.
Kelly and the sparrow converse.

Most veterinarians will tell you that springtime is a dangerous time for cats as people open their windows for some fresh air, thinking their cat will be sensible and not jump several stories to the ground…unfortunately, they do. Cats’ depth perception is not considered to be too keen as their best visual acuity is in focusing on prey, one item in a jumbled landscape, so the distance from windowsill or deck railing to the ground isn’t really clear for kitty, especially with a now full of intoxicating spring air. Also, even the most sensible cat will be tempted by a bird flying by, or a leaf or any moving object out the window. Before you open your window make sure the screen is tightly in place, and don’t assume that your cat can’t figure out how to push it out of the way, or that it can’t get out of a window that’s “just open a crack”. Sometimes you have to think for kitty. For an interesting video about cats and falls from windows and high places, and to see an explanation of just how a cat turns itself so it lands on its feet—most of the time—view this video on the National Geographic website (it begins with and advertisement, just be patient):

The Daily Cat: Playing Kitty Airplane

peaches-with-canA healthy cat will eat what you give her, a kitty who is a little under the weather may need some persuasion; we won’t be talking about those manipulative and overly dramatic “finicky” kitties here. We’re considering cats who are recovering from illness or injury or who are elderly, and for whom even eating is a little bit of a burden. She may seem hungry, even show up for mealtime, but take a sniff or even attempt to eat and walk away. Often illness, surgery, trauma or age reduce a cat’s appetite through weakness, stomach upset, loss of smell or loss of taste, and a cat in a slightly weakened condition may need some inspiration for the taste buds. First, wake her up at least 15 minutes before you want to feed her—a sleepy kitty in a weakened condition isn’t ready to eat as soon as she wakes up, so pet her and give her attention for a while until she seems entirely alert. Always use fresh food, usually canned, so its smell is the strongest, and you don’t need to resort to fish-based foods, often liver-based food is more appealing. Then tease her with the food—play “kitty airplane” the same way you would with a recalcitrant child, show her the can and her dish, open the can and let kitty sniff the food then put it aside, making a big show of getting her dish ready, putting the food in the dish, allowing her to smell it all the while, then finally present it. This little play helps to get her digestive system started and her body gives her the signal to eat, plus, she’s wondering what they heck you’re up to, and curiosity is a big stimulant for a cat. If she’s still reluctant, pick up a little in a spoon and offer it for her to lick off; a little at a time is sometimes just enough. Don’t leave her food out, but put it back in the can and keep it, offering it again a little later. It may mean wasting a few cans, but open a new can with every session. She’ll appreciate your efforts.