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What Are The Benefits of Spaying and Neutering?

Did you know that the benefits of spaying and neutering your cat or dog go way beyond helping to control the pet over-population problem?

It’s true. Spaying and neutering can prevent unwanted health issues and also help you avoid behavioral issues with your pet. And contrary to popular belief, your pet can be “fixed” as early as 8 weeks old; it’s not necessary to wait until she’s older or has experienced her first heat. In fact, it’s better for her to not go into heat at all.

Take a look at this infographic filled with interesting facts and statistics about pets and spaying and neutering.

benefits of spaying and neutering

It’s easy to see that when it comes to the health and happiness of our pets, the benefits of spaying and neutering far outweigh the risks. It’s also good for the world because it prevents unwanted and unplanned litters of kittens and puppies.

For more information about spaying and neutering your pets, check out this helpful article from the ASPCA.


Make Sure Your Cat Knows About Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Mimi, Supermom, but now a happy housecat.
Mimi, Supermom, but now a happy housecat.

Feline breast cancer is the third most common cancer among cats after lymphoma and skin cancer. In a 2005 study done at the University of Pennsylvania, “cats spayed prior to 6 months had a 91% reduction…those spayed prior to one year had an 86% reduction in the risk of mammary carcinoma development compared with intact cats.” While breast cancer in cats is more common than in humans, it is far less common than it is in dogs, but cats have the highest malignancy rate and the lowest survival rate of all three. That myth that “it’s good to let a cat have a litter of kittens” has no basis in fact, and can be a death sentence since spaying your cat before she even goes into heat the first time is the best way to avoid breast cancer, not to mention reducing the risks of injury and disease a cat faces while out carousing…not to mention a cat in heat is really annoying to have around. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, spay your little girl!