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Soft edges on this humorous concept


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CatHaven answers the question, how do I provide outdoor adventure to an indoor cat?

How do you solve the dilemma of having an indoor cat, but giving him/her access to outdoor adventure? We understand purr-fectly – we have the answer!

CatHaven’s green leafy foliage sets it apart, creating wonderful play and privacy areas that your cat will love.  This amazing cat tree is handcrafted with soft, silky realistic looking leaves, a sturdy, scratchable turf base and three perfectly spaced durable, comfortable carpeted perches attached to a realistic looking trunk.    

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Catblogger Cat Joke

“Didn’t like the book, so I think I’ll use it for napping…”

















So, a man visits a nursing home, and is surprised to see that the caregiver in the common room has a therapy cat named Shakespeare, who is sitting quietly nearby.  The caregiver sets up a projector and starts a movie for the patients.

As the movie progresses, Shakespeare reacts appropriately to everything that happens…..the sad parts he utters a crying whine; the scary parts he covers his eyes with his paws; during the funny parts, he meows joyously.    The movie was good, and the cat adds to the applause by wagging his tail, beating the back of his chair.   After, the man follows the caregiver out of the room and approaches him.  “I could not help notice how your cat reacted to the movie.  It was amazing.”   The owner replies, “I was amazed too.  Shakespeare hated the book”.