What’s In a (Cat’s) Name?

How did you come up with your cat’s name? Is it a name you first heard in a movie? Or maybe a television character? Or maybe it’s simply one of the long-time tried and true pet names like Tiger or Boots?

We love this infographic because not only does it tell us the most popular male and female cat names, but it also gives us a little insight into the ways that we humans come up with these names. Take a peek, and then we’ll chat some more below.

What's In a Cat's Name

Is your cat’s name on this list? Leave a comment and tell us the name of your cat, as well as how you decided upon that name! This’ll be fun!


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4 thoughts on “What’s In a (Cat’s) Name?”

  1. I adopted my female cat as a kitten from some kind ladies who had rescued the pregnant momma cat. The ladies were very much into literary names for the dogs and cats they rescued. They had already named my cat Harper Lee for the author of To Kill a Mockingbird, also one of my favorite authors. The cat, now 2 years old, is extremely playful, energetic and curious, zooming all over my apartment and getting into everything. So I started calling her Hyper Lee!

  2. I have many cats that I personally rescued off the streets…so, I can’t get into all of their names & reasons for naming them here…so I will mention one, his name is Jeter (after Yankee GREAT!, Derek Jeter) There was no exact particular reason for naming him that… usually, it just sorta hits me…what their name should be. What is amusing though, is that after having Jeter for a while, we noticed he had a definite “swagger” to his walk…just like the man he is named after! lol!

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