T.C. (a/k/a Top Cat)

I thought I would share with our readers a brief story about our week cat-sitting a dear little old guy named T.C.   Loved and nurtured by our son Jake for many years, he is now a remarkable 21 year old orange and white tabby, with white paws and an unforgettably handsome face.

At first, when Jake asked us to cat-sit T.C., I was a bit hesitant.  After all, this senior kitty was used to his own comfortable home, and his daily routines.  We also have two other cats, one senior, who has been ill off and on and is generally not receptive to other cats.  Nevertheless, T.C. made his way into our home, and into our hearts.

We first kept T.C. in my husband’s office where we provided all of the creature comforts he needed, all except one – the freedom to roam and explore our home!    He soon found a way to escape and within a few minutes, T.C. had explored all    nooks and crannies, from the basement to the top floor.   All hopes of confining T.C. to one room were dashed.  His tenaciousness had won us over!

By the end of T.C.’s “Excellent Adventure” at our home, he had taste tested some new flavors of canned food, discovered he loved catnip and enjoyed his daily exercise, swatting at the Da Bird toy.  He also discovered my husband’s comfortable lap, while sitting at the computer.    I couldn’t resist taking several photos of T.C.    I thought I’d share with you my favorite.

T.C. may have left on that cold, wintry day to return to his rightful home, but he has forever warmed our hearts and our souls.   May God bless and keep you, T.C.  We think of you often.