Cat’s Bill of Rights

Remember fidgeting at your sixth grade desk, while your teacher earnestly attempted to teach you about our country’s forefathers and how they created the Bill of Rights?

Now it’s your time to help create the first ever’s version of the “Cat’s Bill of Rights”!
You and will together author this marvelous document, combining our wisdom and experience with cats and creating a veritable Cat Manifesto!

The purpose of this document is to set forth ways in which our cats can attain “life, love, and the pursuit of happiness” in their brief, but meaningful lives. Your suggestions can be serious or humorous, but must ring true about cats and their nature. (Note: all comments will be screened for appropriateness by staff before posting to this website.
By adding your comments and submitting your “Cat’s Bill of Rights” contribution to this blog site, you acknowledge that reserves the right to publish your contribution as part of the “Cat’s Bill of Rights” on any website or print publication owned or not owned by
Let’s get started.

Listed here are the first five tenets of the’s Cat’s Bill of Rights:

I, cat extraordinaire, have certain unalienable rights:
#1  I have the right to assume my normal position on your lap and stay there for an indefinite period of time, until nature calls, someone opens a can of cat food, or a bug crawls across the floor.
#2  I have the right to walk all over your computer keyboard, !@#$$%^&*(()!! causing you to lose forever that hour long document you’ve been carefully typing and not saving.
#3  I have the right to tear through your bedroom at 3:00AM, knocking over who knows what and scaring the living daylights out of you.
#4  I have the right to decide if, when and where I allow you to pick me up, hug me and fuss over me. The optimal time is usually right before dinner. I will readily accept bribes, I am shameless.
#5  I have the right to send projectiles of litter and other assorted contents out of the litter box when using it, and scratch all the way to China if I so desire.
Now, it’s your turn! Add your comment, and together, we’ll create one of the cat world’s greatest achievements.


Cat Legend Tama the Divine, dies at 16

Tama Tama, stationmaster of Kishi station will live forever in the hearts of the Japanese train patrons.

Tama, a tortoiseshell by Japanese standards, and calico by American, rose through the  ranks to become one of the world’s most endearing celebrity cats.

Known as Tama-chan (“Little Treasure”), she started her life as an outdoor stray, fed by a local grocer near the Kishi train station.  She frequented the station, endearing herself to passersby.  One fine day in 2006, she was appointed stationmaster by an official at the Wakayama Electric Railway.   She was given her own station cap in her own size; a stationmaster’s badge, and her own office with bed and litter tray.  Tama’s presence there attracted increased ridership and revenue to WEC.  In recognition of that, she was honored with her own train in 2009, designed with her image on the outside and interior of the train.

Tama was promoted from stationmaster, to super-stationmaster and honorary division chief.  From there, she became an operating officer and a company vice-president.  Not bad for such humble beginnings!

In June of this year, Tama passed on, honored by a funeral attended by thousands.  She was honored as a goddess  and buried in a shrine.  Her successor Nitama, “Tama the second” has now assumed her duties at the Kishi station.  I’m sure Nitama is discovering that “Tama-chan” is one very tough act to follow!