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I have 6 Cats! How about Infinity Cats!

OK, cat crazy people (like me), I ran across this YouTube and had to share it with you.  Cats, cats and more cats!  This lady has it right!




Does Your Cat Have Mew Year’s Resolutions?


Did you know cats have Mew Year’s Resolutions? If cats could talk, here’s what they’d say is their top ten!

😸Take more time out from my stressful day for more naps. (Stressful = staring out the window at birds; following my human around the house; sitting near my bowl waiting for my next meal).
😸Catch any small object that crawls, kill it, then hide it under my human’s bed.
😸Nail that red laser dot this year!
😸Improve my early detection skills when the carrier is pulled out, then, have an emergency hiding plan!
😸Visit every corner of the house to discover even more potential napping spots.
😸Using my staring technique, train my human to go fetch treats/pull out the toys/do anything I want.
😸Perfect the routine of jumping on my human’s device/keyboard when in use, to grab my human’s attention.
😸Not knead my human at 2 a.m. with claws extended. It seems to cause her some discomfort and she wakes up all grumpy.
😸Be irresistible to my human…wait…I am already!
😸Remind my human to frequently shop at for my favorite things and hers, too!