Humane Society Pic

Here’s Jane Marcus, of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, pictured with a new shelter cat!  Can you tell Jane likes cats?

This little guy, whose name is Furlington, has beautiful black fur that was badly matted when he arrived.  The kind shelter folks shaved him so his fur would grow back and transform him into his natural, handsome self.  Furlington is available for adoption now!



What’s In a (Cat’s) Name?

How did you come up with your cat’s name? Is it a name you first heard in a movie? Or maybe a television character? Or maybe it’s simply one of the long-time tried and true pet names like Tiger or Boots?

We love this infographic because not only does it tell us the most popular male and female cat names, but it also gives us a little insight into the ways that we humans come up with these names. Take a peek, and then we’ll chat some more below.

What's In a Cat's Name

Is your cat’s name on this list? Leave a comment and tell us the name of your cat, as well as how you decided upon that name! This’ll be fun!


10 Tips for Flying with Your Cat

Now that warmer weather is here, you might be starting to think about planning a vacation away from home. Whether it’s a spring break trip or a summer vacation, one thing’s for sure: you’ll either have to make arrangements for someone to care for your cat while you’re away from home, or maybe you’ll choose to take her with you.

If you’ve never flown on a commercial airplane with a cat, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the airline’s pet policies in advance. You’ll also find some very helpful tips in the infographic below.

tips for flying with a cat

If you’ll be traveling with your pet by car, you might want to check out this great article with tips from Petfinder.

Have you ever traveled with your cat? We’d love for you to share your experience with our readers in a comment below.


How To: Take Great Photos of Pets and Kids

take great photos of kids and pets

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy taking photos of the cutest parts of your life – your pets and kids. But sometimes, it’s a challenge to get really great pictures of these busy, moving objects. In fact, at times it can be really frustrating!

But thankfully, there are a few tips that can make it much easier to capture really great photos of pets and kids, and we’re sharing a couple with you today.

First, make it fun! No child or pet is going to be cooperative if picture-taking is a stressful, frustrating process. Be prepared with toys or rewards for the kids and treats for the pets. Picture-taking is definitely more fun if there’s a reward afterwards!

Another really important thing I’ve learned from personal experience is to take a lot of photos! The more photos you take, the better the odds of getting one that is really fabulous. Simply taking one or 2 most likely won’t give you the results you’re looking for, so keep snapping away and you’re more likely to capture that perfect moment!

For more great tips for taking great photos of pets and kids, check out this post from Crayons and Collars!

What’s worked well for you when photographing your pets and kids? We’d love for you to share a tip in comments!